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  The only way to capture unique images is to be out in the field in all kinds of conditions. 


The only way to capture unique images is to be out in the field in all kinds of conditions. 

John Bulmer Photography is based in Saratoga, New York and specializes in commercial, landscape, extreme sports and weather, and stock photography and video production. John Bulmer Photography thrives on large and logistically complex projects and environments. 

"For me, photography is a vehicle to get out and see things, to explore the out-of-the-way places that are often overlooked as we pass through our busy lives. My cameras have afforded me the opportunity to see and do things that would be otherwise impossible, to turn art into sport. I take great satisfaction in creating an entirely new way to look at something completely familiar. A successful photograph not only breaks the world down into a definable subject, but also leaves the viewer with a completely new perspective. In the simplest terms, photography is an active pursuit that can be integrated into almost any part of life's daily adventures."

When not behind the lens, John can be found trail running, climbing, and mountain biking in the Adirondacks, Berkshires, and Catskills or chasing severe weather throughout New England. John is also a frequent contributor of writing and photography to various outdoor and environmental magazines and online publications in both domestic and European markets. John's images and video are also featured in the World Meteorological Organization's 2017 edition of the International Cloud Atlas. John is a member of the wilderness and technical search and rescue community as a crew member of Lower Adirondack Search And Rescue (LASAR) and founding member, vice president, public information officer and ground unit director for Search and Rescue Response Team (SARRT). As PIO, John coordinates brand alignment, public relations, public eduction, design and media deployment. John is a certified NOAA SKYWARN Storm Spotter, and a NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador and has passed various FEMA certifications. . 

Learn more about:  SARRT | NOAA SKYWARN | NOAA Weather-Ready Nation

John Bulmer is available for location photoshoots, photojournalism, and editorial work in both still photography and video. You can view all the latest images, projects, and events at: www.johnbulmerimages.com. 

John is also a speaker, workshop director and presenter that has covered such topics as photography for conservation, weather, open space preservation, water shed protection and combining visual and written storytelling. Learn more about John's current documentary and commercial video projects and capabilities at www.noreasterfilms.com.

John Bulmer Photography has been featured on these media outlets. 

John Bulmer Photography has been featured on these media outlets. 

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